Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I would recommend Yarrow for your August wedding or summer dinner party. Yarrow is a beautiful long stem flower that is at it's peak in August. Yarrow comes in many colors, bright and natural. Which makes it a great choice for any style wedding.

What's my recommendation? Yarrow for a handmade, rustic and vintage wedding. The petite flowers can be used as a filler flower with other rustic blooms like cosmos, lavender, snapdragon and aster. Petite flowers with other petite flowers look like you just plucked them fresh from a field.  Tie the bouquet with a vintage lace or burlap. For table decor use an eclectic mix of bottles, fill each with only one type of flower. Another idea is to use mason jars and fill each with a small arrangement and wrap with lace ribbon. For the main table fill a vintage crate with a bouquet leaning over the sides. This will add to the event with a look of being freshly picked and carelessly thrown into a box.

Wedding Style:     Homemade, vintage and rustic.

Colors:     Basic colors are salmon, bright yellow and white. Other colors include tan, light orange, bright red, mauve and light pink. 

Uses:    Use as a filler flower with larger flowers like dahlia or as a main flower in a bouquet with a wild and handpicked look.

Yarrow is also called Achillia and is an herb, used for remedies like headache and nosebleeds. 

Image Source {CoMod, Conceptfurnishings, Here and There Photography}

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