Dusty Miller.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have a cousin who is getting married this September. His fiance' chose grey & yellow as her wedding colors. As we were talking about her flowers, she asked me about what her options were for adding grey into her bouquet. One of the options I told her was dusty miller. Dusty miller has a beautiful grey tint!

What is my recomendation?  Use dusty miller for vintage & rustic weddings. It woulds be one or the only of your bouquets filler greens. Match dusty miller up with larger blooms like roses, peonies & dahlia . Then pair with smaller blooms like scabiosa, billy buttons & matricaria. My favorite is dusty miller wrapped in lace with a cameo! 

Wedding Style:     Homemade, vintage and rustic.

Colors:     Any color palette with grey. 

Uses:    Use as one or the only filler green. 

Check out some dusty miller bouquets here, here & here.

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