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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello everyone. After coming home from our wonderful vacation to Seattle, this week has seemed quite long.  Seattle was a pretty neat place. While we were there we had the opportunity to stay across the sound & to visit many of the port towns along the coast, we also spent a day in the city at Pike's market & other amazing stores. I loved going from urban city, to forest, to beach. It's amazing that all those are within a short drive from each other. Have any of you been Seattle? What were some of the things you saw there?

I only want to share two places with you today. The first is this blog, of a cute couple living in a neighboring city of Seattle - Portland. They have some pretty amazing stuff. 

Next I want to share this great shop I saw in Seattle. Laguna Vintage Pottery. I wish I could buy the whole store & arrange flowers in them. 

I hope you have an enjoyable Thursday night! I'm off to a concert! 

Dusty Miller.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have a cousin who is getting married this September. His fiance' chose grey & yellow as her wedding colors. As we were talking about her flowers, she asked me about what her options were for adding grey into her bouquet. One of the options I told her was dusty miller. Dusty miller has a beautiful grey tint!

What is my recomendation?  Use dusty miller for vintage & rustic weddings. It woulds be one or the only of your bouquets filler greens. Match dusty miller up with larger blooms like roses, peonies & dahlia . Then pair with smaller blooms like scabiosa, billy buttons & matricaria. My favorite is dusty miller wrapped in lace with a cameo! 

Wedding Style:     Homemade, vintage and rustic.

Colors:     Any color palette with grey. 

Uses:    Use as one or the only filler green. 

Check out some dusty miller bouquets here, here & here.


I have a secret to share with you. A deep secret, I have not shared with anyone... I am obsessed with feet! In particular, my own feet & taking pictures of them. Let's be clear, I do not have a foot fetish. I just like them.

It's not that I find my feet particularly pretty (I actually have pretty fat toes & horrible nails). But I like the way feet look in general. I love toes & painted toe nails & I love the way shoes look on feet. They enhance the shape & add color & personality! I love seeing feet & shoes on all sorts of terrain. 

All of the photos above are from my recent trip to Seattle. I love looking at all the pictures of my feet (I have about 20 more) & remembering where I was. Oh the places these feet go! 

Home Inspiration: Wall Planters

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello comrades! Today I want to talk about flowers in your home. There are many types of house plants & herbs for the home & there are many ways to show off their natural beauty. For today, here are some wall planters. Take a look. (I especially find the Full Blown Glass one scrumptious!)

1. A+R Store
2. Honey of a Thousand Flowers
3. Poketo
4. Full Blown Glass

Lovely Places

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How's the end of your summer going? Please get in a picnic with the one you love, like this one here, Go swimming one more time, whether it be in a lake or a pool. Drink a tall glass of  refreshing cucumber water, like this one. And make sure you make the most out of your favorite warm-weather clothes.

I've got a really lovely desktop calendar to share with all of you here.

Here is a great new blog to check out, with great graphic design images.

Lastly, I want to share with you my favorite summer wedding, so far this year. The inspiration was vintage boy scout. The details are so unique, the bride & groom are absolutely beautiful, and they used turquoise rings instead of diamonds. I love that! You will find it here.

Home Inspiration: Hand Painted Vases

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's talk about wedding vases. My new favoritest thing is hand painted vases. I'm in love. Just imagine on your wedding day, each vase having it's own unique flair. I would have absolutely loved it! Here is the issue though, the flowers are supposed to be the main focus of a floral arrangement, not the vase. With a hand painting on the vase, it might make the vase seem too busy with the flowers in it. Here is the solution, use only one color & only a few types of flowers. That way the vase is what brings your color pallet to life, not the flowers. You have to be the one to decide if you can handle all the colors & patterns, I think it would be absolutely breath taking!
So where do you find hand painted vases? Search around Etsy or thrift & vintage shops around town. You are sure to find a ton that fit your needs. Another solution, paint  your own! It's very simple actually. You just need ceramic paint & a de-greaser. See this blog here for the DIY project.

Image sources {vntagequeen, EphemeraAndMore, VintageModernAndMore}

Lovely Places

Hello. I hope you are all doing well on this lovely Thursday.

I'm obsessed with the new style of really, really simple jewelry. Such as long gold chains with nothing on it or a tiny charm. Check out a pic of Mila Kunis wearing one in Friends with benefits here. I have found some pretty amazing ones here, here, here. Or how about the simple necklace found here?

For inspiration this week you will find some doodles here.  My new favorite flower blog called An Apple a Day, you have to see it! And a great song here.

Lastly, I want to share my new favoritist blog. Where My Heart Resides.Wow this girl is amazing. She takes great photos (see above), she has great style, she has great ideas & an adorable blog design.

On a side note, if you have a blog & want to be sponsored like the above blogs, feel free to contact me here! Its free! I'd love to get you more views.

This Weeks Finds

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I hardly buy anything at full retail price anymore. Here are my finds from this weekend. The awesome part is that all of these lovely things only cost me $4.50. The downfall to thrifting is you have to be persistent. I go thrifting at least once a week, and some weeks I find nothing at all. But other weeks I find incredible finds, like the above. Here is what I found:

A brand new, tags still on, H&M striped boat-neck shirt. I have been looking for a striped shirt like this of this for weeks! The shirt only cost me a whopping $2.00. I can't wait to use this in my Seattle wardrobe... post to come. 

Next is two lovely pieces of art for my wall of many frames. First is a round and detailed gold frame with a darling painting of birds. The second is a gold butterfly. The artwork cost me $1.00 & the butterfly was only $.50.

The last two things are for some projects I am working on... posts to come. Look how adorable the teacup plate is. I also got an amazing vintage, hand painted creamer. Both only cost me $.50 a piece. 

Do you thrift shop? What great things have you found? I need some more tips on what to look for! 

Lovely Places

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today I'm feeling very excited to start new things!! It's a great feeling! One thing that really gets me going is seeing beautiful and captivating images. Pictures of beautiful landscapes, homes, weddings and food!.There is a great place to find beautiful images, which I'm sure you've all seen before, but if not you'll find it here.

As the summer winds down, it's time to plan our last dinner parties. If you want some inspiration with a lovely food blog you'll find it here. If you need some dinner party decor inspiration, check out and maybe even subscribe to Kinfolk. A pretty beautiful magazine, dedicated to small gatherings. I subscribed! You'll find it here.

Image source here


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I would recommend Yarrow for your August wedding or summer dinner party. Yarrow is a beautiful long stem flower that is at it's peak in August. Yarrow comes in many colors, bright and natural. Which makes it a great choice for any style wedding.

What's my recommendation? Yarrow for a handmade, rustic and vintage wedding. The petite flowers can be used as a filler flower with other rustic blooms like cosmos, lavender, snapdragon and aster. Petite flowers with other petite flowers look like you just plucked them fresh from a field.  Tie the bouquet with a vintage lace or burlap. For table decor use an eclectic mix of bottles, fill each with only one type of flower. Another idea is to use mason jars and fill each with a small arrangement and wrap with lace ribbon. For the main table fill a vintage crate with a bouquet leaning over the sides. This will add to the event with a look of being freshly picked and carelessly thrown into a box.

Wedding Style:     Homemade, vintage and rustic.

Colors:     Basic colors are salmon, bright yellow and white. Other colors include tan, light orange, bright red, mauve and light pink. 

Uses:    Use as a filler flower with larger flowers like dahlia or as a main flower in a bouquet with a wild and handpicked look.

Yarrow is also called Achillia and is an herb, used for remedies like headache and nosebleeds. 

Image Source {CoMod, Conceptfurnishings, Here and There Photography}