Home Inspiration: Garden Rooms

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The last place I lived was 25 minutes west of the freeway. Most of the drive was through newly built neighborhoods. They were full of beautiful homes. However, there was one house in particular that I would make sure to catch a glimpse of twice everyday. Once on my way to work & again on my way home. The reason was it had a garden room!

The first reason I love garden rooms is because I love natural light. It drives my husband crazy that I insist the blinds stay open and the curtains up until it's dark outside. I refuse to turn on any artificial lights until I absolutely can't see. A garden room would be perfect because it would let a lot more light in than the small windows I have now. The other reason I am in love with garden rooms is how close they bring you to nature. How great would it be to bird watch in the spring or sip tea while it softly snows outside?  Doesn't that sound lovely?

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Melissa Blake said...

Those look so peaceful!! Would love to curl up with a magazine and sit there all day!

Molliee said...

those are such enchanting spaces! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Anonymous said...

That last restaurant photo is beautiful! I love the peaceful setting those gardens provide

Hearthandmade said...

im in total agreement with you on all of it! I haven't hung any blinds in my little craft room cuz its north facing and always dark so Il take as much natural light as possible ^_^ I also love lots of greenery. Im in a terraced house at the moment in belfast city so we are all very squished together and I don't have a garden :( my parents do though but they are notorious plant killers! Im currently bringing my orchid 'Ophelia' back to life as she's struggling with the change in temperature! Thank you for visiting my blog. I love finding new people xo

White Tapestry said...

I always wanted a green room! These are really beautiful!

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