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Monday, November 21, 2011

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The other night, we had some good friends over and we got into a deep discussion about pets. Mostly dogs. I didn't really realize before how opionnated I am about the subject. I also hardly get the chance to spout my knowledge about dog breeds.

When I was 15 and 16 I worked at the local pet store. After working there for a few months, I got really good at selling puppies. The reason I found it so easy was because I knew the breeds I was selling & the families that would be perfect for them. The truth is, most people don't know what kind of dog would be good for them. They simply choose a breed based on what it looks like. Then give it away when they don't like it's personality.

There are hundreds of breeds. Each with their own unique set of personality traits. Some are extremely smart. Others don't shed. Some are big and need a yard to run in. Others are small and hardly need any exercise. There are breeds of dogs that like to play and others that like to be left alone. Some are good with children and others aren't. Know what you are getting yourself into before you choose a dog!

The other thing this discussion brought to my attention is how little people know about dogs! One of our friends talked about his perfect dog. I just laughed at him! Asking for the perfect dog is like asking for the perfect child. It doesn't exist!

Here is some basic truths about dogs:

1. If you want a "chill" dog, don't get a puppy. Adopt an adult dog. All puppies are hyperactive (some more than others) and don't  "chill out" until around 2 - 4 years old. Some breeds are playful for most of their lives and others are lazy. Chose a breed that fits your activity level.

2. There is no such thing as an easy to train dog. All dogs take time and energy to train. Some are stubborn and others just don't understand. Every breed is different when it comes to training. Research how others have been successful with your particular breed and try those techniques. It's important to remember, you create the dog. Just like raising children, you set the guidelines and the rules. They chose whether or not to follow them and whether the consequences are worth it.

3. All dogs shed! The phrase you are thinking of is not a shed-less dog but hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic dogs have hair instead of fur, but they still shed. Some dogs shed like crazy and others hardly at all. The trick is in grooming. If you keep any dog clean & brushed, the shedding will lessen.

4. If you get a dog, it will make noise (I won't say bark, because some dogs don't "bark"). Don't expect a silent dog! Ever!

5. Breeding IS important. I don't mean the dog needs "papers", because truthfully that doesn't always mean much. If at all possible, meet the parents of the puppies you are looking at. Take notice to their temperament, size and physical features. Ask the breeders a lot of questions. This is a lot like what your puppy will turn out like. It's important you like the adult version of your puppy because that's what it will be like for most of it's life.

6. Dogs cost money. Dogs need check ups. They need shots. They need to be spayed/ neutered. They will get sick. They might have allergies. They need to eat. You'll buy them gadgets you didn't even know existed for pets before. They will chew your things up. They will ruin toys.They'll need to be looked after when you go on vacation. And you will have to vacuum your car, a lot!

Dogs are big commitments. They take lots of time, love & money. Do your research. Find the breed that is right for you and your family! It's so worth it!


house of earnest said...

cute things! I am indebted to by dog after I forgot her birthday this year - she hasn't let me forget it!
I agree with your tips on finding the right dog. I get people all the time who comment that our dog, Perry, is just so laid back and they want a dog just like her... I burst their bubbles when I tell them that she was SUPER bratty from 6mo-1.5 years. We just lived out of state so nobody witnessed! All dogs go through a difficult puppy stage.

Morlee said...

So true! I can't believe so many people don't understand this!

Anonymous said...

love the cute little dog bed!


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