Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24, 2011

This year Drew & I decided to spend Thanksgiving with some of our favorite people in New Mexico. We spent over 14 hours yesterday in the car driving down. But it was so worth seeing them! Tuesday night I got the opportunity to spend time with my best friend Rachel, who I haven't seen in almost a year. It is so hard for me to live away from her, but when I do see her, it makes it that much more special! On Monday, Drew's brother came home. We haven't seen him since June and missed him like crazy. Also we celebrated my sweet Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary! This has been such a special week!

Which brings me to the things I am grateful for this year. I am especially grateful for the relationships in my life. First my relationship with my Husband. He truly is my world! I'm also so grateful for my family. My parents are my rock. My siblings are my best friends. I look up to my Grandparents and their simplistic and positive nature. My in-laws and extended family add so much to my life! And my friends are very special to me!

Other things I am thankful for: A great place to live. A job. My dog Tallee. Me and my families health. 5 senses. Technology. Art and fashion. Higher education. Bubble baths. Soup. Carbs. Great music. Seasons. Coffee. Soap. Colors. Thrift stores.

What are you most grateful for this year? I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving!

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Lidiya said...

This animation is so cute, love it! happy thanksgiving <3

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