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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Every time I go thrifting, I try to go with a clear mind. The reason for this, is that I used to go with my heart set on finding a certain something. I would see what everyone else was finding & was determined to have the same success. However, this makes the process frustrating & I would leave feeling discouraged. After I began to go without any idea of what I could possibly find, did I really start to find treasures. 

This week I found a few fabulous finds, to help with some projects I'm working on & some great clothes. All these for a whopping $13. Here's the breakdown. I bought two candlesticks for a Christmas DIY project that I will be undertaking soon. I think the silver is going to fit in nicely with the sequins & the rest of my planned Christmas decor. (Yay! It's gonna be my first Christmas at my own home & as a married woman this year!) They cost me $0.50 a piece. 

Next, lets talk about the Toulouse Lautrec print.  When I came across this, I literally started jumping up & down. I have always wanted this Jardin de Paris print. Why? You might ask. It's just a silly print that everyone & their dog has. First, I have always loved this print. You can't blame a girl for following her heart, even if she's following the crowd too. The other reason is somewhat sentimental. When I was in my teens & struggling the find my identity. (You remember this time in your life don't you?) I was having a hard time making friends who liked me for me. Then one day, I made a connection with a group of girls that accepted me, quirks & all. I finally felt like being myself was okay & I was finally happy being me. At one of my friends houses hung the Jardin de Paris painting & also Singing Butler (which I hope to add to my collection too). I love both of these paintings because they remind me of when I found out the people who truly matter in your life, are those who love you for who you are. The print cost me $1.00.

I found a neat hand made & hand designed clay pot for $1.00. I'm going to plant my succulents in it for the winter. 

Lastly I found some great clothing! I found a great chunky knit sweater for the fall & winter. I love the chunky style. I bought this for $4.00. Next, I found something I have been searching for, for longer than I can tell you. An amazing silk button up (with silver buttons! Eeep!) I love when women wear an oversize silk shirt. They look so classy. This shirt cost me $6.00. 

Here's some of the silk shirts that look & fit very similar to my new navy one! 

Image sources {Cream, Tan, Olive, White}

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