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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hello readers! I have some exciting news to share! After some time to think, create & design, I have decided to update Morley. The new look & content of Morley will be released this next Monday, September 5. Please come check out the changes, here any time Monday.

So why am I updating? I started Morley Floral as a blog to show off my love & development in floral design & to try to market myself as a florist. At first I was still learning & I already felt a crazy connection to the floral & wedding industries. My friends & family were showing me immense support in my designs & I was already getting paid for putting arrangements together. I felt like flowers could be a creative outlet for me (a life goal of mine is to make money from creating beautiful things). However, after about 2 months of trying to promote my floral designs, I came to two important conclusions.

First, this blog was not generating any additional marketing towards my floral arranging. The people who were looking at my blog were the same friends and family who were showing me support in my pursuits. Although I love these people more than anything, my blog was failing at reaching my goal of generating additional marketing.

Secondly, I have my feet in too many creative areas to put my sole focus on only flowers. Let me explain. After struggling to bring my readership up, I stumbled on a very influential article about blog content. There were two things that really struck me.
    1. If you are not hitting your niche market, change something.
    2. Evaluate your blog and learn from the past.
So that's what I did. I looked at my comments & post traffic. I asked myself: "Where do you get the most traffic from? What posts have produced the most views and comments? Who is reading your blog?" I made changes based on what I found. Unfortunately, my flower posts were not generating as much traffic as my other creative posts. It seemed I was not reaching readers who cared about floral design, but rather those who love to be creative, just like me. So I made the decision for change. (If you love blogging & want to get your readership up check out this article & many more helpful articles here).

I decided to update the content of my blog to better fit the people who read Morley now & in the future. Luckily this won't be hard because it gives me the freedom to write about more than just flowers. Morley will now be my blog about my learning, struggling & development in creating beautiful things. I want to share with you my readers, our love for creating.

I hope to see you all Monday! I'm really excited to show you what's new & I'd love to hear what you think of the changes!

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