Style 2 : Day Date with Your Best Friend

Monday, January 9, 2012


I was so lucky to be able to spend a lot of time with my bestie Rachel during the holidays. She lives 10 hours away in Pomona, California, so our friendship consists of a lot of phone calls. It stinks! We had a lot of fun while she was in town! I just hope it's not another whole year until I see her again.

We both share a love of coffee, independent films & concerts. We can spend hours talking about life over a glass of Shiraz. We also have a lot of differences. She's the smart one (physics major!). I'm the artsy one. She's the college girl, who dates a lot of boys. I'm married. She grounds me. I help her remember to goof off once and a while. We have a fantastic friendship!

When Rachel was in town I knew I wanted to do a "style post" to show off our different styles. She has a boho style. Oversized shirts & sweaters, paired with an LBD or skinny jeans & some fabulous boots. I would say her wardrobe consists of a lot of black & neutrals. I would say I have a classic style with an eclectic twist. I wear a lot of basics like tees & skinny jeans, paired with a statement necklace, stand out shoes & a bright cardigan. My wardrobe also consists of mostly black & neutrals.

What are you and your best friend like? Do you have different styles? What makes your friendship so special?


Lea said...

Love it when your best friend is as much into fashion as you are. That's definitely the case for me :) And it's especially interesting, since our styles are so different. It's funny when we both like the same thing.

I love both of your sweaters :D

Elle Sees said...

Y'all are cute as f. And I just dont throw around initials like that. Um, I like coffee, wine, indie movies, and concerts too. So you guys should totally add me to the besties list.

Jacqlyn said...

this is too cute! my best friend and i are complete opposites {when it comes to style}, and I'll have to agree with Lea's comment above: it's funny when we both like the same thing!

Paislea Elyse said...

how fun!!! i love all of your pictures. it looks like you had such a fun time!!!

allister bee blog

jorjiapeach said...

how fun! i love the ways best friends compliment each other!

Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

This is super cute..and I love your little animated gif. Also...I WANT that vintage sweater!

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