Holly Berries: Winter Christmas Floral

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

After this weekend things finally began to feel like Christmas. And I can't believe it is only a couple of days! (Yay!) This year has been such a new & different experience for me. I have spent every one of my Christmas's with my parents. My Mother has a real knack for ringing in the Christmas spirit. The tree comes up right after Thanksgiving & is always lit. We spend time together shopping, watching Christmas movies & putting together neighbor gifts. We spend every Sunday night celebrating advent & eating lot of treats. It's exactly what Christmas is to me.

This year is my first year away from my parents. It has been hard to try & reign in on that Christmassy feeling. I decorated the house right after Thanksgiving, watched a lot of Christmas movies & spent time on preparing gifts for family & friends. But it still didn't feel like the same old Christmas I was used to. I'm sure as time goes by, I will figure out new traditions that will help make my season feel like Christmas.

How do you create the Christmas feeling in your home? I sure could use some tips!


Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

To me, so much of Christmas depends on the smells and the sound.....candles, warmth, cedar, and lots and lots of music! Hope you have a blessed Christmas, girl! Also, love that floral arrangement. LOVE!

Jacqlyn said...

the floral arrangement is gorgeous! i love lighting candles to get in the holiday spirit, especially the pine and gingerbread scents!

Stephanie said...

I do a lot of the same things as you - put decorations up as soon as I can, watch Christmas movies any chance I get. I also love baking goodies and lighting my christmas tree candle. Those holiday smells always make me think of christmas.

Morlee said...

It seems like smells are very important to all of you. Maybe that is something I'll need to focus on next year, having more holiday candles.

Erika [small shop] said...

Oh so pretty!! Wow!! I'm with you though, I didn't get into the spirit until this weekend. Funny thing, shopping for others and taking my daughter to Disneyland dis the trick.
Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful traditions with your family and you'll have to make it up when you see them again!

Bang and Buck said...

beautiful pictures.
i'm loving your blog!


Bang & Buck

house of earnest said...

Did you do this arrangement?? It's beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Love that flower arrangement, Lee. It looks so festive. I think you need to visit your mother more often to learn her secrets for Christmas (hee hee)

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