A Not-So-Weekend

Friday, December 9, 2011

I will be so relieved after this weekend, well after Monday. It's sad that I am not looking forward to this weekend like I look forward to every other one. I have so much to do & I don't deal well with stress. I started out this weekend last night. I spent the night arranging flowers for a wedding this morning (post coming next week). Afterward I went straight to my first final. I will be spending the remainder of my weekend stretching myself thin with studying, getting caught up on housework I haven't done in about a month (it's scary!) & holiday parties. Monday will ring in my last final & the official start to my holiday! Then I will be free to spend my time however I like.

I can't wait to read a book that I actually want to read. To spend my weekends with my husband, family & friends instead of doing homework. Actually get housework done & stay caught up on it, like I usually do. Focus more attention on blogging. Work on a more crafts & projects.

Oh & did I mention I am graduating with my AAS degree this semester? I am then taking spring semester off to prepare my portfolio for admission. That's probably why I feel so relieved to be done.

I hope you have a less stressful weekend than me! Cheers.

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Kate Lasater said...

Wow, what an amazing image! It looks like the perfect place to be in the winter (with a cup of hot cocoa of course).


Kiele Gregoire said...

i hear ya! it's always a balance, and it really is tough when that balance is OFF. good luck with everything this week!

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