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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I've been dreaming of hosting my own dinner party at my home for quite sometime. With the spirit of Christmas in the air, I couldn't help feeling like it was the perfect time. With a very limited budget, I planned a dinner party for my husband & a couple of our closest friends. This is a staging of how our table will be decorated.

The total cost of the decor was just under $20.

Here's how I did it:

1. Try to use things you already own.   I have a lot of wood serve ware, so that was a big part of my inspiration. I have also a great collection of vintage hand painted ornaments. I knew I wanted to incorporate these as well. I also used pine from my backyard & ornaments from my tree.  Things I didn't have, I asked around & borrowed many things from my family.

2. Go thrifting often. Since I have been planning this dinner party, I have been in search of the perfect table setting. I eventually had all the pieces I needed, including dinner plates, tumblers & serve ware. But it took a while.

3. Use decor you might not think should belong on a table. I think this makes the table setting exciting & gives it your personal flare!

I know I have a lot to learn about table setting & decor, but I had a lot of fun planning this, finding the material & putting my own personal taste into it.

How are you celebrating the holiday season? However it is, I hope it is picture perfect!


Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

This is really, really pretty! Love the assortment of glassware - my fave thing to do!

Eleni said...

It definitely looks way more expensive! I like the idea of the unpredictable decoration and the use of unorthodox items on the table!

Eilwen said...

this is so lovely ! And thank you so much for your kind words by the way <3

Morlee said...

Thanks everyone! I thought it was really fun to put together!

meesch said...

I love the pine tied to the napkins! I'm definitely stealing that idea = )


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