Quick & Simple Bridal Shower

Monday, August 27, 2012

-Get a dozen or two bagels from your local bagel shop, cut up seasonal fruit & mixed together enough mimosas for everyone to indulge on.

- Leave some mimosas virgin (okay, it's plain OJ) and separate from the alcoholic version, just incase a guest doesn't drink or has had enough to drink & needs to slow down.

-Make one champagne flute special for the bride. I covered my bride's glass in glitter. It was quick, easy & came right off in the dishwasher.

-Don't forget water! You can get cute water dispensers at your local grocery store for cheap.

-Cut cardboard into triangles & spray paint your desired color. I covered half in glitter to go along with the party theme!

- Get flowers from the farmers market & put in a simple vase. They will be cheap, fresh & will compliment any table setting.

I wish I had more time to spend on this gathering, but I think it turned out great for the amount of time & money I had to put into it.

What things have you done for friends or family in a hurry? What advice would you give someone for a simple get-together?

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