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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lately I've been thinking I am know way more about weddings now then I did when I was actually getting married... I'm constantly trying to find new ideas for flowers and design, so I find new wedding blogs weekly! 

This has been a crazy week. After searching & waiting, Drew & I are proud to say we have found a new place to live. Now it's time to pack up & move - Boo! It's got me thinking I need to plant some flowers or herbs. Anyone know any flowers to plant in July?
Fourth of July is looming nearer - Yay! We get a vacation! Time for family, beach, sun & of coarse a horseshoe tournament!

Lastly, please check out this wonderful Vimeo! It's getting me thinking I need to start creating Vimeos, with a little help from my friends of course! 

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